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We rely heavily on our volunteers to help spread the word of Scotty’s Little Soldiers across the UK.

We appreciate that our volunteers all have busy lives and commitments so we created four volunteer positions as a guide to what you can expect if you apply to volunteer for the charity.

There are four main ways you can help us.  Take a look below to see which suits you best and then complete the form.  Please note you can change how involved you’d like to be at any time and these options are a guide to help us know how you’d best like to assist us.  Once we’ve processed your form we’ll be in touch!



The vast majority of supporters get involved in this way. You come up with an idea to raise money and awareness for Scotty’s and register your activity on our website via the ‘fundraising’ page. Our events team will then allocate you a unique event number and provide you with a fundraising pack with lots of tips and information on how to go about your fundraising.


Reserve Volunteer:

The simplest volunteer option to take. We’ll add your details to our volunteer database and should an event that we need assistance with take place in your area we’ll get in touch. Note that although more and more activities are taking place this could mean you go several months before an opportunity arises. We’ll do our best to keep you updated with what’s going on within the charity though.


Regular Volunteer:

Our regular volunteers tend to fundraise for Scotty’s on a more frequent basis. They will often be proactive in arranging events or collections themselves and will register this activity in the same way as a fundraiser would via our website. We will also notify Regular Fundraisers of events in their area where we might need some assistance – this could be a cheque collection or attending a fundraising event as a representative of Scotty’s.


Volunteer Co-ordinator:

We have a few Volunteer Co-ordinators to date who have been helping the charity for a while now. In most cases a Co-ordinator will have been a Regular Volunteer for a period of time and having gained some experience of representing the charity will then be in a position to help other Regular Volunteers in their area. Our Co-ordinators are the most proactive of volunteers and are always looking for new events or collections to organise. These positions are by invitation only following a successful Regular Volunteer period.


Think you can help in another way?  Feel free to email the team at hello@scottyslittlesoldiers.co.uk




89p in every pound donated to Scotty’s Little Soldiers is spent on “helping the children smile again”.


Shaving your head, running, cake sales, skydives, mud runs and much much more.


How your organisation can help support the children of the fallen.

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