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Beth Wood


What Scotty’s means to me.

On the 21st of September 2010 my whole life came crashing down on me when two police officers turned up on our doorstep to tell me that my dad had been killed in a road traffic accident outside his military base in Aldershot. The days and weeks after this were a complete blur and due to his reputation as a joker, I imagined him to pop out of nowhere and to say that it was all a joke and everything was ok. 

I really struggled coming to terms with what had happened, it just didn’t seem real. It felt like he was away on tour until I didn’t get the weekly phone calls telling me how he’s going to bring me back a bag of sand and how many pranks he’d played that week!! 

I decided that as well as applying to the charity, I would also put my name forward to become a fundraiser, gathering donations that will go towards providing invaluable help for other grieving families. The reply I got made my day; ‘Become a member’.

Since that day, Scotty’s have supported me in so many ways. I received a welcome pack (strangely on the day which I was visiting my Dad’s grave for Father’s Day) which included a Scotty bag, ball and teddy. It put a huge smile on my face and I was able to go and tell dad all about Scotty’s and what I had received.

Scotty’s Little Soldiers have also set me the most amazing birthday and Christmas gifts, including a personalised necklace, gift vouchers, Kindle Fire HD and make up sets. They also send every Scotty Member a voucher around the time of the anniversary of their parent’s death and also around Remembrance Sunday, it’s the small, subtle things that mean the most to me. Everyone has bad days when grieving for a parent, this is maybe something that reminds us of our parent and instead of smiling and remembering the memories, it can often make us relive every moment, start questioning ‘why my dad?’ and even get us a little angry, so the team at Scotty’s have always been there to give me emotional support, either via text, phone call, email or a simple hug. I do believe that if Scotty’s didn’t exist I would be a completely different woman and would probably still be finding it difficult to move on with my life. I can’t change what has happened, nobody can, but when you have the emotional and physical support like I have received from this amazing charity, I know that it’s ok to smile, I’m not on my own and it’s ok to move on with my life as I have the memories safe in my heart. 

Beth Wood.

Since turning 19 and officially leaving the Charity Beth has gone on to study Photography at University and benefited from a Higher Education Grant from Scotty’s.  She now also volunteers for the charity and often acts as a mentor to some of the young Scotty Members.

You can help support Beth and other bereaved Forces children by donating online to Scotty’s Little Soldiers here.

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