“I feel so much more confident and I have Scotty’s to thank”

“I feel so much more confident and I have Scotty’s to thank”

Scotty’s member Joshua Kirkham shares how he’s used his Scotty’s allowance and how it’s hugely improved his confidence

Scotty’s member, Joshua Kirkham has big plans for his future, and thanks to the charity’s support, he is one step further to making them a reality.

Josh, who joined Scotty’s Little Soldiers in July 2014, was just six-years-old when he lost his dad, Lance Corporal Christopher Bradshaw after he was killed in a road traffic accident in 2011.

Now seven years after his dad’s death, Josh is in year 9 preparing for his core exams, and with choosing his options for GCSE’s soon on the horizon, he has decided to put his education first.

The 13-year-old has grand plans to one day open his own restaurant but knows to get there he needs good grades in school, and one of the areas he particularly struggles is English.

Determined to improve his grades and one day achieve his goal, Josh has used his allowance from Scotty’s to pay for a private tutor.

Since starting with his tutor, Tess, early in 2018, Josh has come on leaps and bounds, he’s now in the middle set for English and even received a special award at school which recognised his progress and achievements.

“It’s really helped my confidence” said Josh. “I really want to own my own restaurant when I’m older and want to do Food Technology at GCSE, but I was really struggling with my spelling and in putting my ideas on to paper. My tutor Tess has really helped, but I couldn’t have done it without help from Scotty’s.

“Mum asked me what I needed help with, and that I had an allowance from Scotty’s. I said that I think a tutor would help. I see Tess every Wednesday for an hour and she’s helping me prepare for my GCSE’s.”

Inspired by Gordon Ramsay, Josh is already well on his way to achieving his career goal and has a part time job helping a local street food business Shropshire Lad at pop up events.

His mum, Sabrina is so proud. She said: “I can’t believe how much Josh has improved. He’s managed to turn his grades around and is performing so much better. I just wouldn’t have been able to afford the support if it wasn’t for Scotty’s. Having the allowance means I can help my son’s education and help him follow his dreams. He’s much more confident and has proactively pushed himself.

“He’s so determined, like his dad, and Tess has been absolutely amazing with him.”

Josh is an avid fundraiser for Scotty’s and in the past has raised money by taking part in obstacle races, such as the Rock-Solid Stars and with help from his beloved Telford Hornets RFU.

As part of the Scotty’s Strides Programme, all Scotty’s members have access to a £150 allowance every year. The allowance can help contribute to the cost of activities such as school trips, swimming lessons, sports clubs and music lessons.

Nikki Scott, founder of Scotty’s Little Soldiers said: “It’s so nice to hear how members are using their allowances and that they are helping to make a difference. I know how difficult it is to support your children and giving families just a little bit of extra help goes such a long way. The personal development of all of our members is incredibly important to us and we can’t wait to hear more from Josh in years to come, who knows he could be the next Gordon Ramsay.”

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